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Curious About the Home Buying Process?

The Home-Buying Process Flow Chart

To all my friends who have been wondering what to expect in the home-buying process, this is a neat flow chart that I provide to my clients that clearly outlines the major steps to the mysterious world of purchasing a home. More to come next week on a step-by-step walk-through!

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Hope this is helpful to you!



Owning a Home is Still the Dream — The Ultimate American Dream


Owning a home just seems to be one of those dreams that never fades from generation to generation. What other type of investment also serves as something you can live and build memories in?
If you’re considering purchasing a home, your timing couldn’t be better. The housing market has been on the upswing, as I’m sure you’ve heard, so buy while prices are just rising. Nervous about whether or not you’ll qualify for a loan? Don’t be. So many of my clients had the same fears and were surprised to find out how much they qualified for. There’s only one way to find out, and luckily, getting pre-approved with a lender doesn’t cost you a thing. What are you waiting for?
For more information on getting pre-approved for a loan or any questions that you may have about real estate in general, I am here to help you.
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Prepare your Taste Buds for Authentic Burmese Cuisine!

How many of you have heard of Burma AKA Myanmar? Well, here’s a map courtesy of Google images for you.


I ask because I just had the most amazing meal that I’ve had in quite some time at a little very casual restaurant called Yoma Myanmar in Monterey Park. For those of you who don’t know me personally, my parents were born and raised in Burma, so I grew up eating Burmese food, rather than Chinese food. During all these years since I moved to LA, I have been scouring the area for an authentic Burmese restaurant that I could share with all my friends and you, and after an exhausting search, I’ve finally found one!

Brief statement about Burmese cuisine–it’s somewhat of a mix between Thai and Indian food with so many unique flavors that I can’t even describe to do it justice. You’ll just have to try it for yourself! Below are several photos that I’ve borrowed from Yelp, as you’ll notice, since I was so blown away by the food that taking photos of my food just escaped my mind. :)

1. Tofu Salad – Even if you don’t like tofu, I highly recommend trying this dish. Burmese tofu isn’t made from soybeans, but rather yellow split peas, which gives it an entirely different flavor.


2. Burmese Samusa – So different from the Indian version that many have had. The outside wrap is thin, which gives it a lighter crunch, and it isn’t prepared with the corriander seeds that often get in my way when I munch on the Indian version.


3. Moht Hinn Ga (Catfish noodle soup) – All I can say is–give it a chance. It’s one of my favorites and so soothing during this unusually freezing weather we’re experiencing in Los Angeles.


There are so many more dishes that I’d love to share with you, but let’s keep this short and sweet. Even though I’ve just had dinner, re-living my experience through this blog post is just making me painfully hungry again. Just believe me that you won’t regret visiting this hidden jewel!

Again, that’s Yoma Myanmar – 713 E Garvey Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91755


With interest rates at a historic low, wouldn’t you agree that you owe it to yourself to find out if you could qualify for a loan, put an end to ridiculous rent payments, and become a new homeowner? I would … Continue reading

Welcome to your new home!

This week, I have for you…

A shameless plug for our open house Sunday from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM! Grab your family and friends and join me at the unveiling of a RED hot new listing at 1424 S Redondo Blvd, Los Angeles 90019. This newly-renovated 3 bedroom 2 bath single-family home boasts a large master bed and bath and a spacious grassy backyard. If you need further convincing, we’ll have treats for you to enjoy and a lovely guided tour hosted by yours truly!

Come on by to see what else lies inside…

DIRECTIONS: South of Pico, West of La Brea, East of Hauser.

See you Sunday, 2-5 PM!

For more information, feel free to call Tiffany Chin at 323.762.2531

A Fairy Tale Home

I’ve never been much of a girly girl, which is exactly why I am so blown away by how much I loved this English Tudor mansion located in Windsor Square and listed for $4.495 million. It’s whimsical, yet very nicely done with sophisticated, modern taste. This 6 bedroom, 5 bath estate, boasting just over 6,000 SF, was owned by Bullock’s department store founder, John G. Bullock until 1962. It has recently been flipped into a beautiful masterpiece and expands over a lot of 25,262 SF. This is no ordinary flip!

It’s rare to find a flipped home with wall paper. See below for the tasteful wallpaper additions to the dining room and what would appear to be a lucky little princess’ bathroom.

This kitchen is a chef’s dream. A team of at least 10 could easily fit in here, which I’m sure was the plan. The only thing missing is your own deli counter against one wall. Hire the team over at Larchmont Wine & Cheese. You would be the owner of heaven in a house.

Being a swimmer growing up, I especially appreciate the beautiful pool, noting its irregular shape that adds yet another speck of creativity.

Call Tiffany Chin at RED to schedule an appointment to see this spectacular estate. You’ll be glad you called. 510.676.0036


Space Shuttle Endeavour Makes an Appearance!


Space Shuttle Makes an Appearance!

Photo courtesy of Jeff Mindell (since I was busy taking a video). Thanks, Jeff!

Everyone is obsessing over Space Shuttle Endeavour’s trek through Los Angeles. If you missed it, fear not! Here is a photo of it from the fire escape of my office, Keller Williams Realty in Larchmont Village. Isn’t it amazing?! We literally had at least 15 of us crowding onto that fire escape. I think that’s a fire hazard in itself!