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Curious About the Home Buying Process?

The Home-Buying Process Flow Chart

To all my friends who have been wondering what to expect in the home-buying process, this is a neat flow chart that I provide to my clients that clearly outlines the major steps to the mysterious world of purchasing a home. More to come next week on a step-by-step walk-through!

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Hope this is helpful to you!



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Welcome to Tiffany’s blog on the LA Lifestyle!

Hi Everyone!

This is my very first blog post, so let me start off by welcoming you to discovering LA with me! My name is Tiffany Chin. I am a Realtor with RED at Keller Williams Larchmont, and the one word that defines my pursuit in life, it is VARIETY. I absolutely crave variety in all aspects of my life, and this is why I am constantly on the prowl for new experiences. My goal is to share great Los Angeles finds with my readers: restaurants, upcoming community events, hiking trails, traffic news, etc. Basically, if I discover a restaurant that will change your life or that Obama is scheduled to visit LA…which means CRAZY LA traffic, of course…you will be the first to know!

Below, you’ll find my professional bio, so you can get to know a little about me and what I do for a living outside of the blogging world:

Tiffany Chin

   Tiffany grew up in a family of realtors in The Bay Area, and her primary influence is her mother, who joined the real estate industry in the early 90’s. She learned one very important lesson from her mother—to always put one’s clients first. Tiffany understood at a very young age, the value of developing strong relationships to help guide clients towards the properties that best suit their personal needs.

After graduating from UCLA, Tiffany fell in love with the fast-pace and diverse character of Los Angeles.  She has built a new life here with her two sisters. Having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, Tiffany uses her understanding of each individual’s motivations and emotions to help clients form clear visions of their real estate goals. She treats every client with the utmost care and respect, and will do everything she can to help them reach their real estate dreams.

   Not only does Tiffany believe in building strong relationships, she also believes in taking action. A strong proponent in contributing to the professional community, Tiffany served as Director of Fundraising to Delta Sigma Pi, a national co-ed business fraternity, and has since continued her involvement as an active alumnus in efforts to extend her network throughout the Los Angeles community.

See you next week! I have a special announcement about a spectacular event, so stay tuned!